The “two wrongs make a right” nonsense argument

So often, whenever any British person dares to raise concerns over immigration because of culture clashes or any form of violence committed by some (and only some) sections of the immigrant community, a leftist will jump in and say: “But we did [insert name of atrocious act here]” or “What about [insert name of war/ another culture/ act of violence here]?”.

Just¬†one example of this is when discussing violence by Islamic terrorists, you can bet someone will jump in and say: “But what about Christians who blow up abortion clinics?”.

When leftists do this, they usually have no intention of debate or meaningful communication. They just want to argue and win. Look at things objectively, how does one act of violence committed by a tiny proportion of the Christian community – and an act that usually gets punished – equate to a large scale worldwide insurgency against all infidels? It doesn’t. There is no logic in the argument whatsoever, it’s simply a case of the age old “Two wrongs make a right, so shut up and I’ve won” argument.

Well, over at ‘The Gathering Storm’, WC has posted an excellent rebuttal with some independent, verifiable statistics to blow this extremist nonsense line of logic out of the water. Well worth a read.

And if that doesn’t provide you with enough statistics, check out I am an Englishman for even more.


2 Responses to “The “two wrongs make a right” nonsense argument”

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  2. Looking forward to more from you. Found you thru a link from Britney British’s site. Check out mine:

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