Animal Farm

There is no greater giveaway of the zealot-like, truly psychoneurotic nature of some elements of the far left than a cursory look at the comments section on any one of their popular (by their standards) blogs.

Lancaster UAF is the epitome of such borderline psychosis. Main blogger Ketlan is actually a reasonable writer, though of course she has become mentally confined to the point where she cannot even comment on anything BNP without putting a hate filled adjective beforehand. However, the comments section of the blog is always full of abusive, hate filled, badly written, often purposely lying, hysterical nonsense.

Paradoxically, I find it highly revealing that the vast majority of comments are anonymous.

Take a look at the hysterical comments and conspiracy crack theories on this blog entry, which concerns recent unease in the BNP.  Let me give you some highlights (sorry I could not be bothered to correct all the spelling and grammar mistakes):


F*ck off back to which ever dole scrounging hole you come from with your nazi chums. W@NKER!

Looks like Darby is in a bit of a panic…HEEEAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAA!!!

he bnp hadn’t won a single council seat since Derek Beakon. Then, along comes 9/11 and the War On Terror.

Surely, it’s simple to believe how leftwing activists could be kept kept occupied by organised racism, to reduce the numbers of activists protesting about the war in iraq.

LeComber, who secretly lurked like a “butthole surfer” around Griffin’s smelly arse long after he was supposed to have got the sack.

Fuck off Griffin you cheating cunt!



I could go on but I’m sure you’ve seen enough. Some of the conspiracy nuts on the site suggested there is a pro – BNP media conspiracy because they “….do not expose the bnp’s actions that would turn the public off“. Of course, by “BNP ‘s actions” the poster means the made up stories by the UAF.

Towards the end of the page, we see a string of anonymous remarks disguised as comments from disgruntled BNP members. Do take the time to read them. It is hilarious to think that someone – presumably an adult – actually thought it was worth the minimal effort or that anyone would believe them.

I posted my replies that were censored as usual but you can read them here and here.

So there you have it. You can almost imagine these people with the froth coming out of their mouths as they type. Hysteria, conspiracy theories , censorship, hate, poor communication and lies. These are the people who have gone full circle. Like the pigs on Animal Farm, they have become what they profess to hate….fascists.


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