Facebook fascists

I’m a big fan of Facebook but one downside is that the nature of the site is a haven for pseudo-antifascists.

There are so many “Ban BNP” or “stop racism” type groups that appeal to the misguided or impetuous. It gives them the feeling that for the sake of one mouse click, they can join a “good” group and fight the bad guys. It’s a cheap way to get a little moral high ground.

Of course it’s all BS. Nobody takes the time to dig up the facts or actually offer evidence for the claims they make. Such garbage is ideally suited for UAF and its petitions. Their group for “Ban BNP” claims BNP have violated facebook group rules, though of course there is not one single stated reason as to which rule they have broken and how.

Then on “The wall”, group moderator Joshua made a superb claim in response to a comment about Communism:

Communists don’t systematically kill sections of society. In our countries they are certainly not responsible for murders in our countries now like the racist murders that follow the BNP.

Just as I was going to teach Joshua about the biggest killer of all time (Mao) Stalin and Pol Pot as well as call him out on his insane “murder” slur, he nipped in with a typical UAF style psychotic rant

How many times will the BNP have to transgress the norms of regular political parties. How many activists from my organisation will have to be beaten up, how many of them need to be found with bombs how many of them need to deny the holocaust, how many cars need to be firebombed before you say hang on guys these guys are different they break the law they don’t deserve to be given another chance to try to kill millions of people.”

It was just too tempting so I had to reply:

Or the hundreds of thousand tortured under Pol Pot’s Communist regime?

Or how about Mao’s “great leap forward that made him THE BIGGEST KILLER OF ALL TIME!?

Looks like you need to check your history Josh.

And as for “murders that follow the BNP” that’s just hysterical nonsense.

This is the danger of letting people from groups like this tout censorship. It’s ignorance breeding ignorance from people who have lost the argument.

How many crimes against grammar will you commit in one message?

How many borderline paranoid schizophrenic made up claims will you spout off before the medication kicks in?

And you are right, fascists do not discuss things openly. That is why UAF and their affiliates are the most anti-debate, pro-censorship , “no platform” bullies I have ever dealt with. I’ll bet you delete this post. Go ahead, it proves my point….

Now the students who have been paying attention will know what happens next? Can you guess? That’s right! My comments were deleted!!! Yep, Josh and his friends hate debate, they hate to be told the truth and they hate anyone who disappears with their views. So off my comments went and silenced I was…….

But hey Josh!!!! Guess what???!!! Before you deleted my comments I took a screen shot and posted it right here for the entire world to see!!! Ain’t freedom of speech a swine, eh?



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