Happy new year to all.

I have many new year’s resolutions. Unlike others, I often manage to keep them. I gave up smoking as a NYR four years ago and I’ve not taken a drag since.

Of course, most of my plans are personal and of no interest to readers but here’s a couple that may be:

1) See the plus points in the left extremists.

In other words, allow them to make us laugh.
I often get too carried away in trying to use logic and reasoning. The argument was lost by these people long ago.

The far left are actually quite funny when we allow them to be so. Instead of trying To argue and defend allegations that are ludicrous to begin with, let’s have some more laughs with the left.

To this end, I’ll be introducing a regular “left quote” section on the blog.

2) Get involved. Internet blogging has its place, but there is so much more to be done. Britain is going downhill and a sheet of paper could not be slid between the three mainstream parties any more. I plan to get involved and actually do something practical to help make a difference.

So that’s me. I’m going to et up and do something this year. Now how about YOU?


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