What has happened to Britain? Lionheart’s tale.

There are many interesting and informative political blogs out there as we all know. Lionheart was just one blog that I would visit on the odd occasion. It’s based more on feeling rather than detail or commentary, which is not my cup of tea.

Now though, I will be visiting his blog every day and screaming my full support for him. Why? Because Lionheart has been informed that on his return to the UK he will be arrested for “stirring up racial hatred” .

Now I could rant for hours about what a sick disgrace this is, but it’s far better for readers to look at the blog themselves and ask themselves: is it really a jailable offence for this man to blog about his feelings? Have worse, more hate filled, more disgusting words not been written many times from English residents of other religions, creeds and cultures?

I’m supporting Lionheart all the way. I hope you do too.


4 Responses to “What has happened to Britain? Lionheart’s tale.”

  1. Exactly, RW. I hit the paypal at Lionheart. The guy deserves support.

    No doubt you know that the same sort of thing is happening to Mark Steyn in Canada.

  2. Edmund Burke Says:

    What race is he stirring up hatred against?

  3. Hard to Say Edmund, the details are still very fuzzy right now. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great new year. Greg

  4. Guy Macher Says:

    Our real enemies are the politicians. Surely we could remove them by vote before we are over run.
    Once those traitors are gone, it will be relatively simple to clean up the rest of the mess.

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