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Should it be OK to use violence to stop the British National Party (BNP)?

I have personally taken part in violence against the BNP in my Town, they should be banned and run out of our Towns and Cities. They should not be allowed to stand in elections.

From here.
One of the most common misconceptions of the BNP is that they use violence. This myth is often spread in a pernicious tone of: “They send thugs out at night”. In reality, the extreme left are far more prone to violence.
Violence is never an acceptable means of doing politics.

One Response to “Quote of the week”

  1. if you really want to see criminals then go to the bnp web site and find the link that exposes some of the criminals in the big three/It does not include Blair who is raking in millions /the money he is getting should be given to the families of the soldiers he has killed and the maimed and wounded.The BNP are the cleanest and most honest at this time in politics. Griffin is like a modern OLIVER CROMWELL and with the awakening of our nation he may stand in government and tell them all to pi** off.We need a clean sweep Bnp only way .loonie left to dangerous

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