Signs of change?

Britain’s media reflects the national psyche. That psyche at present is very much left wing. This is not by coincidence. Many people are unaware of just how conditioned their thought process can become by the “reality” built by the media and those controlling it. This is not conspiracy talk, it’s just a fact.

The Conservative, royalist right wing mentality of most Thais is the result of decade upon decade of fastidious construction of the King’s image as being a revered, almost Buddhist like figure who is full of perfect wisdom. This image is conveyed by the media (Thailand has strict lese majeste laws) and over time it has shaped the national psyche.

Britain’s liberal environment is not conducive to nationalism. Right wing parties have become ostracised and anathematised in the mainstream media while David Cameron’s Tories slide towards Labour in the middle, the two political juggernauts almost indistinguishable in their rhetoric and hypocrisy.

But there are signs of change. Over the last two years, immigration has finally become an approachable subject. Concerns voiced by the BNP years ago – naturally they were roundly harangued for voicing them – have become mainstream palaver. A small yet highly significant step.

Now things have gone one step further.  A prominent bishop has warned of “no go areas” in England that are controlled by Muslims. Needless, to say, the story has been denied, criticised and shouted down. However these reactions have lacked their usual ferocity and the left cannot apply their favoured muzzles of “racist” “Nazi” and “censor him!”. Why? Because Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali happens to be from Pakistan.

Could it be that Rev. Nazir-Ali is a leading figure of a tidal change in public opinion? Such changes in mentality and political climate tend to be undergone in stages, with the initial catalysts being small, minor events such as this.

Another requirement for a change in political climate is an undercurrent or repressed concern or discontent. Certainly Britain has such emotions right now, mainly caused by the oppression of opinions on the topics of Islam and immigration by the media. Lionheart is just one example.


3 Responses to “Signs of change?”

  1. Hey, have you seen this?

    This Canadian lawyer is on trial for “hate speech,” because he published the Mohammad cartoons in his newspaper. He told the prosecutor that he doesn’t have to answer to the state, and that she is a “thug.”

  2. You say that newspapers in the UK reflect the national psyche. Interesting theory and easy enough to digest.

    However when you consider that the best-selling daily in the UK is the Daily Mail, I don’t think you could accuse that of having a liberal bias?

    Have you read 1984 – Orwell? The scourge of the working classes in the UK is not immigration – it’s the tendency to gravitate towards newspapers which tell them how awful the world is that they live in, which is reassuring.

    Don’t ask me why, but the theory holds up! I, for one, think we live in a great country and I am proud of most everything we stand for, including welcoming and protecting visitors and contributors to our economy. Of course you can find extremes of people who we shouldn’t have let in, or whatever, but for someone who claims to be against fascism you seem pretty keen on keeping a lot of people out of the loop.

  3. MoragF, interesting thoughts. Actually “The Sun” is the best selling daily in the UK but ‘The Daily Mail’ is close. I think humans have a natural tendency to speak out and raise indignation at things we consider wrong, rather than to praise what is right. This would certainly fit in with your theory.

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