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Quote of the week

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Stoke Sentinel (h/t Simon Darby)
 The concerns have already been exploited by BNP councillors in the city, who are distributing thousands of leaflets criticising the council’s handling of the [Super Mosque] issue.

As in, exploited by the democratically elected councillors?

Other quotes of interest come from the very respectable (though also disagreeable) Neil Harding and also from a comment on here concerning the concept of “race” and counties. The huge fundamental flaw in this argument is glaringly obvious. If we throw out the concept of “nation” because it has happened through evolution, then should we also throw the concepts of “science” “law” and “cash” into the abyss also? Should we go back to living in caves?

The consciousness of nationality and ethnicity is now prevalent in the vast majority of humans. This is only a bad thing if we choose to let it be so. As a well travelled person with foreign family, I find that nationalism can be a wonderful trait to be carried with pride (providing it is not used as propaganda or brainwashing). It’s a sad facet of Britain’s modern social and educational psyche that nationalism is both equated with racism and other feelings of shame.

If you ever want to see a fresh perspective on nationalism, ask Thais how they feel about their nation, speak to Brazilians about their football team or chat with Norwegians about their decision to eschew EU membership. You might find a whole new outlook on the concept of nationalism.


The truth about Red Ken

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Dispatches have finally bought the extremity of “Red” Ken Livingston’s reign to light. For me , the most disturbing facet of the documentary was the exposure of Ken smearing tactic of labelling his opponents as “Islamophobes”. This tactic was favoured after Ken invited a Muslim extremist as a special guest on stage with him at a press conference and told him “You are truly welcome in London”. Ken then spent several thousand pounds of tax payer’s money demanding his decision.

I highly recommend you see the documentary yourself. Ken is a socialist, a man who drinks whiskey at 10am at London Assembly meetings, a man who spends 600 pounds of tax payer’s money on hotel room service in one night, a man who has squandered millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money on failed or ludicrous projects, a man who told a Jewish reporter “You are just like a Nazi prison guard”, a man who tells members of the London Assembly “you are a midget”.  Oh yes, he is also chairman of the UAF

How desperately the London Assembly need someone like Richard Barnbrook.

Back to the “racist” smear. This is a very common tactic from the left. This is an excerpt of a conversation I had on line:

The word “racist” includes the definition “Discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion”. However the cognition of the term “racist” by most British people are very different. BNP and any opponents of Red Ken Livingston’s support for Islamic extremists are labelled “racist”, the term is used to inflict guilt and shame on these people. However, taxpayer’s money is frequently and eagerly pored into associations that support housing or other assets for ethnic minorities. We hold festivals and celebrations for racial minorities in an elaborate toast to “multiculturalism”.

IMHO it beggars belief and symbolises just how blinded by leftist propaganda British society has become that we don’t recognise these things are institutionally racist. Some might argue “It’s to help them feel equal” or “It’s a celebration of a minority culture”. That is irrelevant. The behaviour is “racist” using the very definition of this term that those same supporters of multiculturalism love to throw at us. There is no genuine definition of racism that I am aware of that states or implies racism is “discriminatory on the basis of MINORITY race or religion”.

I repeat – because it is such a telling point – in many other countries I have lived in, people would find it bizarre to suggest that standing up for the indigenous race was “racist” and that complaining about high immigration or religious extremists was “racist”. Yet our psyche has been so conditioned by PC nonsense, we are made to feel ostracised if we follow suit.