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Fitna for fitna

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Within hours of release, fitna the movie was removed from its post on the UK based livelink network. Livelink cited “clear threats” as the reason and expressed regret, stating it was a “sad day for freedom of speech”.

It is now crucial that youtube and other sites continue to make this movie viral.

It’s brutal, graphic and shocking. Yet, the fact that this movie was removed from livelink due to threats simply proves its point, we must not allow these people to silence us.

When you hear apologists make the usual excuses such as “Verses are out of context” “There are the same verses in the Bible” etc. They are wrong. They most likely have not read the Koran or the Sirahs. Those who have will tell you murder is against the teachings of the Koran. They most likely will quote you the “Whoever kills someone, it is like they have killed everyone….” line. Tell them to quote the whole passage (most of them cannot do so) which is significantly different.

(Look at verse 5:32 and the text I have highlighted.)


Fitna the Movie

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I apologise for the frame below, I have no way to change it.

Be warned: This movie contains graphic and shocking footage.

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Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilder is preparing to release a short movie called “Fitna”, which details the violent side of Islam. The movie has already caused a stir and is not even released yet. It’s likely to exacerbate tensions between the Islamic world and Europe.

Personally, I support the right of Geert to make the movie. If it was a critique of Christianity, there would be no complaints. So why should we live in fear of insulting one religion?
What do you think?

The illusion of democracy

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Gore Vidal once said: “Democracy is supposed to give you the feeling of choice, like the painkiller X and painkiller Y. But they’re both just aspirin.” I’m not sure if that’s always true but it is becoming an increasing reality in British politics.

These days I almost smile to myself when I read or hear debates between Tory and Labour MP’s or supporters. It resembles a cockfight, two beasts tearing into each other because the have been ordered to do so, because it’s all they know how to do. Yet when the fight is over there is no real winner, both sides are battered and tainted.

There is no difference between the two main parties anymore. There is no working class ethic in the Labour party and no middle class interests being guarded in the Tories. Ideology and true policy platforms went out the door when we started to imitate our friends across the Atlantic by allowing corporate donors, lobbyists and behind the scenes business interests to get their snouts in the trough. The EU is simply an extension of this platform.

Take for example the issue of ID cards. Whilst Labour have propagated the idea and  given the Tories the opportunity to deliver grandiose objections (and the Lib Dems the chance to pretend they are important by launching campaigns against the proposition) the reality is that both parties flout the same idea. The Tories support ID cards for foreigners, Labour for local citizens.

But the epitome of the sorry state of our democracy lies with David Blunkett. The former education secretary has been using his column in that bastion of truth known as ‘The Sun’ to promote the ID card system. Blunkett assures us “Any fears that cards can be forged and abused are totally unfounded”. What Blunkett doesn’t mention is that he has a very lucrative position with Entrust, a group that will be favourites to win a contract for implementing the ID card system.

That nobody seems to even notice, let alone care about this blatant conflict of interests tells us all we need to know. In an age where truth and reality lies with the media and whomever has power over it it, the only way to get a real platform of reform and change lies with a new party. That party needs to have a manifesto with genuinely new ideas and reform, not just rhetoric. They need to have ‘grass roots’ candidates who actually peak directly,a and don’t offer different equivocation to suit each audience. The party needs to face the truth and the mess the country is in, regardless of how much the truth annoys some people. For me, that party is the BNP.

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Note to Facebook users: I’ve started a new group: “The NEW vote BNP forum”

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Hate on the box

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With a hat tip to Spartanspectator, this cute little children’s TV show fills us with all the childhood delights of death threats, promises of matyrdom and lessons in hatred.

Holocaust denial

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It’s such a provocative topic I don’t feel comfortable writing about it. But it needs to be done.

I’m often chastised by far leftists for being a “Nazi” or a fan of “Holocaust denier” Nick Griffin. The former charge is hard to take seriously even for the accuser, but the latter  is sometimes used by seemingly sensible people.

It’s almost understandable, since the “Holocaust denial” charge is thrown around on the Internet to a shocking degree. Since the human tragedy of the Holocaust is a very emotive issue, the left use it as an effective weapon.

However, it’s not true. I am occasionally asked about this issue by sensible people and I provide links to show that Nick Griffin and the BNP are most certainly not Holocaust deniers.

This is a copy of a message I sent recently. I will expand on the links provided in due time:

Ok well first of all you can check the BNP website on this link:

Then we also have Griffin’s Wiki profile. The source itself is verified but expired

There are other sources out there mixed in with all the hysterical “Griffin is a denier” links on a google search.

The Clemson University speech is available on youtube. Griffin was asked this question directly but as he opened his mouth to speak, the video cuts out! (It had reached the youtube time limit).  A spokesperson for Clemson and Griffin himself both confirmed he had answered the question and acknowledged the Holocaust. A transcript is out there somewhere.

And finally from his own website here:
I’ve even highlighted the text for you so please show this to Philip Moon if you can and challenge him to accept the truth, not just what he wants to believe.

So next time you hear a leftist scream “Holocaust denier” or suchlike, chastise them. Adduce with the links above and reflect on the fact that a tragedy beyond comprehension such as the Holocaust can be used so flippantly by people who desire nothing more than political point scoring.

(New visitors to this site, please see my about me section. It must be stressed I speak for nobody but myself.)