On hanging

Another blogger has introduced a debate on hanging, A surprising number of comments on the blog were supportive of the idea of reintroducing hanging for paedophiles who are convicted via DNA evidence. I do not agree for these reasons:

1) DNA evidence is not infallible. DNA evidence is a scientific breakthrough, but it does not insure a correct verdict of guilt. The chance if hanging the wrong person is still substantial.

2) We are not Neanderthals. Hanging is a throwback to the days when parents would take their children to see the local hanging of a villain. This practice harks back to an era of no female suffrage, slave trading and  outlawed homosexuality. Do we really want to take that big a step backwards?

3) It loses the moral high ground. We are punishing a brutal act with another brutal act. Even if the death penalty is reintroduced, there are better ways to do it (such as electric chair).

Certainly Britain has become far too liberal with its justice system, and numerous experiments and statistics show that tough sentences are a great deterrent to criminals, but is hanging really a viable option in moral or progressive terms?


One Response to “On hanging”

  1. IMHO it is not that pedophile monkeys don’t deserve death, and it’s not that the state killing them isn’t better than the actions of pedophiles, because it is. They shouldn’t be killed by the state though because they might KILL the wrong person, and then there is incentive to cover up the truth. Also, it is much cheaper just to toss them in GenPop with all the rapists, murderers and many other criminals who hate pedophiles. In prison, they are the lowest of the low. Just give them life and get it over with.

    If later, they are found to be innocent, they can be let out with an apology and a gift off a few Million $$$. Death Row cases cost way too much money, the state pays for prosecution and most of the time for the defense; and the death row candidate gets special treatment and protection. If he is given a death sentence then he is treated like prison royalty and and is totally protected from all the other inmates. How is that punishment. Throw him to the wolves and let the word out that he’s a pedophile, justice will take her course.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    KILL pedophile monkeys

    even if they prefer death
    over life in prison


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