Disposable bloggers of hypocrisy

YAF Watch has attacked Spartan Spectator for allegedly allowing comments from white supremacists.

While I don’t support any form of racial supremacist movement (in fact I find it repulsive) I think this little snipe from YAF Watch is a microcosm of far left attitudes. As I said to YAF Watch blogger Philip Moon:

You are clearly trying to imply that a blog’s comments reflect the views of the blogger. This is not necessarily true. I have comments on my blog that I strongly disagree with, but I support free speech. You block comments because you are too insecure to debate issues or accept criticism. This reflects negatively on you. Look at your own fallacies before you attack others.

You won’t see the comment on YAF Watch because Philip cannot accept criticism or debate. However he is only too happy to attack others for allowing the free speech that he and others like him would deny. This restriction is normally compounded by having no expressed opinions of their own, rather they just attack those who have the courage to state their own ideology.

Philip’s YAF Watch is a minnow of a blog, the reason I have mentioned them here is because there are so many out there with the same attitude.


3 Responses to “Disposable bloggers of hypocrisy”

  1. “You won’t see the comment on YAF Watch because Philip cannot accept criticism or debate.”

    No, he DID he post your comment, and did so without comment.

    Might want to put the prognostication to the side there, as it’s not serving you very well ; )

  2. Actually that’s only the second time (out of about ten comments) that Phil has been bold enough to accept the comment, and that’s only because he knew he could either print the comment or accept what I was saying was true. So I’m about 8-2 on prognostications. Isn’t that play off form? :-)

  3. “So I’m about 8-2 on prognostications”

    Good point. Still, it’s the prognostications you publish that count, and he got you on that one. ; )

    btw: in case you didn’t notice my followup on the BNP post at MSU YAF, could you please give me links to where Nick Griffin recanted his views on the Holocaust? I never could get MSU YAF to prove their assertion that he had, and if proof exists I’d like to see it.

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