Holocaust denial

It’s such a provocative topic I don’t feel comfortable writing about it. But it needs to be done.

I’m often chastised by far leftists for being a “Nazi” or a fan of “Holocaust denier” Nick Griffin. The former charge is hard to take seriously even for the accuser, but the latter  is sometimes used by seemingly sensible people.

It’s almost understandable, since the “Holocaust denial” charge is thrown around on the Internet to a shocking degree. Since the human tragedy of the Holocaust is a very emotive issue, the left use it as an effective weapon.

However, it’s not true. I am occasionally asked about this issue by sensible people and I provide links to show that Nick Griffin and the BNP are most certainly not Holocaust deniers.

This is a copy of a message I sent recently. I will expand on the links provided in due time:

Ok well first of all you can check the BNP website on this link:

Then we also have Griffin’s Wiki profile. The source itself is verified but expired

There are other sources out there mixed in with all the hysterical “Griffin is a denier” links on a google search.

The Clemson University speech is available on youtube. Griffin was asked this question directly but as he opened his mouth to speak, the video cuts out! (It had reached the youtube time limit).  A spokesperson for Clemson and Griffin himself both confirmed he had answered the question and acknowledged the Holocaust. A transcript is out there somewhere.

And finally from his own website here:
I’ve even highlighted the text for you so please show this to Philip Moon if you can and challenge him to accept the truth, not just what he wants to believe.

So next time you hear a leftist scream “Holocaust denier” or suchlike, chastise them. Adduce with the links above and reflect on the fact that a tragedy beyond comprehension such as the Holocaust can be used so flippantly by people who desire nothing more than political point scoring.

(New visitors to this site, please see my about me section. It must be stressed I speak for nobody but myself.)


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