Fitna the Movie

I apologise for the frame below, I have no way to change it.

Be warned: This movie contains graphic and shocking footage.


2 Responses to “Fitna the Movie”

  1. We need to nuke them before its to late !!!!

  2. yorkielass Says:

    I often e-mail the BBC and Gov ministers, at the bottom of my e-mail i have 6 islamic texts taken directly from the koran.
    They can’t touch me for it as they are direct copies but i’m of the mind like Geert Wilders no bowing to islam or anyone that promotes it.
    I also have a great piccy of a one of those steam rollers driven by an imman rolling all over a map of Britain.
    Either we stand up and be counted or we shall end up being rolled right over by this fascist movement.

    pjc journal…
    (MP3 here, Play it loud, play it often)

    There’ll always be an England,
    While there’s a country lane.
    Wherever there’s a cottage small
    Beside a field of grain
    There’ll always be an England
    While there’s a busy street.
    Wherever there’s a turning wheel
    A million marching feet.
    Red, white and blue
    What does it mean to you?
    Surely you’re proud
    Shout it loud
    Britons awake!
    The Empire too
    We can depend on you.
    Freedom remains
    These are the chains
    Nothing can break.

    There’ll always be an England
    And England shall be free
    If England means as much to you
    As England means to me.

    According to the Times, Gordon Brown is planning to create a network of London-type mayors in the “English regions” to combat Englishness and promote the Britishness agenda he has become obsessed since being parachuted into the post of Prime Minister without a mandate.

    England has always been considered expendable by the Labour Party, hence their willingness to embrace the EU’s regionalisation agenda. Balkanising England suits Labour’s political agenda – England doesn’t vote Labour but enough of “the regions” probably would making it easier possible for Labour to win another election.

    Its time to take our country back from the traitors who would sell our heritage to foreign powers.

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