Fitna for fitna

Within hours of release, fitna the movie was removed from its post on the UK based livelink network. Livelink cited “clear threats” as the reason and expressed regret, stating it was a “sad day for freedom of speech”.

It is now crucial that youtube and other sites continue to make this movie viral.

It’s brutal, graphic and shocking. Yet, the fact that this movie was removed from livelink due to threats simply proves its point, we must not allow these people to silence us.

When you hear apologists make the usual excuses such as “Verses are out of context” “There are the same verses in the Bible” etc. They are wrong. They most likely have not read the Koran or the Sirahs. Those who have will tell you murder is against the teachings of the Koran. They most likely will quote you the “Whoever kills someone, it is like they have killed everyone….” line. Tell them to quote the whole passage (most of them cannot do so) which is significantly different.

(Look at verse 5:32 and the text I have highlighted.)


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