One in the eye for PDF

The work of the pedant often uses controversy as a straw man. That was my first thought when I stumbled across the blog known as “pigdogfucker” with the even smarter sub header: “Fuck you in the arse and the eye“.

The blog is clearly attempting to mark itself as a liberal version of “Devil’s Kitchen“. The problem is that DK gets away with its profanity – and probably is more poplar for it – because it has the style and finesse to match. You could say that DK is the political blogger’s answer to Eddie Murphy. PDF on the other hand, is more like Roy Chubby Brown. The abuse and profanity is crass, designed to garner attention and paper over the frequent lack of reason, logic or articulation.

As just one example, PDF decries the “BNP fuckwits” who, he claims, were spreading the rumours that the late Charlene Downes (my heart goes out to her mother) had been murdered and used for kebab meat by her killers. PDF then trumps the fact that the case was dropped as it was riddled with lies, and cites this as a failure of BNP propaganda.

Just one problem, the BNP web site had no article that even mentioned the case except an update until the day after PDF’s post and even then it was only to confirm the case had been dropped. There was no more “myth” spreading by the BNP than there was by the BBC.

The BNP meanwhile. were busy trying to investigate the only too real cases of child grooming by some (and only some) sections of the Muslim community, as recently highlighted by BBC’s Panorama.

Needless to say, my comment on his blog pointing this out did not appear,

Who’s the “fuckwit” now PDF? The BNP, or the liar with a badly named blog?

I won’t be holding my breath for PDF to take up my challenge.


2 Responses to “One in the eye for PDF”

  1. With nothing else better to do I left the following comment on PDF’s blog:

    Yes a remarkably similar conclusion to the infamous ‘witch hunting’ of Gary Dobson, Neil Acourt, Jamie Acourt, Luke Knight, and David Norris.

    As you nearly say: Unfortunately, the story, of their involvement in Stephen Lawrence’s death, has almost certainly reached urban myth status to the degree that thick c*nts everywhere will believe they has something to do with it, despite not having done. Which will almost certainly lead to more mistrust, hatred and violence between thick black/letfy c*nts and the normal English working class. Which is what the BBC/Guardian/Labour party wanted in the first place… so of course they don’t give a fuck that the evidence was made up all along…

    Neil Acourt, then 17, and Luke Knight, who was 16, who were initially charged with murder but the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case on 29 July 1993, citing insufficient evidence

    Charges against the original two suspects were dropped before the trial due to lack of evidence, and the three remaining suspects were acquitted at trial when the judge ruled that the identification evidence given by Duwayne Brooks was inadmissible.

  2. Dear Far Left Watch,

    Actually, your comment on my blog did appear: I don’t censor comments unless they’re spam or illegal, and yours was neither. Unfortunately, you left it on the wrong post. Here it is in all its glory. It would be cheap of me to suggest that your political affiliations are in any way correlated with your inability to use a website. See my response there, but in short – I don’t care one way or another whether the central organisation of the BNP was involved in spreading the kebab myth, but it was definitely spread, widely, on anti-immigration anti-Muslim websites by people who support your party.

    I’ve also answered your quiz post.

    Kind regards,

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