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New blog by the man himself

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Richard Barnbrook, the GLA member representing the BNP has a new blog here.


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Pigdogfucker, in more of his wisdom, tells us:

the fact that — despite there being next to no crime and the only people who worry about crime being gibbering ninnies — it’s somehow become a serious political issue.

Call me a gibbering ninny then. For while crime has not soared in London, there is a worrying number of fatalities and stabbings and crime aimed at the young. Hardly “next to no crime”. And although we cannot say it, the crime rate of blacks and ethnic minorities is totally disproportionate.

Yes we ARE full!

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One of the most common “rebuttals” I hear when I tell people that Britain is full is “Look at places like Singapore, we have far less than them”. Another one I heard recently is “Our population density is less than the Isle of Man FFS!”. The latter statement is actually wrong.

The problem with population density is that it is far from exact, it is measured by an average. Even the guys next door can surely see that this is misleading. One of the wonderful things about Britain is some of our stunningly beautiful countryside: The Peak District, The Lake District, The Scots Highlands, The Welsh Hills, even The New Forest near my hometown. These areas have low population, that’s how they remain beautiful. The areas that are filling up are of course, the cities. These areas are already full. Anyone who has tried to drive to work between seven am and nine am in any big city knows that.

So what does continued immigration bring? It gives us two choices, we cram the cities fuller still. That will take our density on those areas to almost Hong Kong levels.  Unlike HK though, it will escalate our crime rates and increase tensions.
The other choice is that we let it spill over into our areas of natural beauty. The left will get what they want, our density levels on a par with the likes of Singapore, and our heritage that has survived over decades will be finished.

Next time a leftie sneers at the claim we are full, remind them that we are full, unless we want to lose something that truly does make us proud to be British. Our natural heritage.

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No words needed. Just watch this vid:

UAF lies

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Nowadays I don’t usually publicise or link to UAF lies and hysteria as it gives them unwarranted attention.

However, I will make just one exception to serve as an example of the lies.

This article….


(replace the stars with “http”, I don’t want to generate links for the Fascists)

……discusses a fake email. Now look at the comments on the article. Note they are nearly all anonymous, full of lies, slander, hatred and nonsense and basically saying the same thing one hundred times over. And yet, Ketlan never publishes a comment from yours truly when it is civil and simply critical.

So, I will publish it here instead. This is the comment I sent Ketlan today:

What I find hilarious is that you refuse to accept comments that criticise you, Ketlan, or your articles and yet you happily publish anonymous comments full of brazen, blatant lies and hysteria such as your “Griffins a tosser” comment. It shows quite clearly that you have zero respect for free speech and only care for hatred and hysteria. And you have the nerve to call yourself an anti-Fascist.

Your side link articles are just as pathetic. “Why the BNP are Fascist” contains no definition of Fascism – scholarly or otherwise – despite the fact it is notoriously hard to define. It is simply a collection of isolated incidents presented as some kind of proof of a doctrine the writer clearly is ignorant of and, in reality, wishes to use a label to intimidate a party he hates.

You know and I know you won’t publish this comment (though I will) or you’ll publish it with a hysterical rebuttal and then refuse me a reply. It doesn’t matter. You know I’m right.

Another inconvenient truth

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**I am NOT suggesting for a second that a person’s genetic stock makes them more or less likely to commit a crime. I also don’t deny that social status plays a big role. **

Nick Griffin was shot down in flames for it on ‘Newsnight’, Simon Darby was burned at the verbal stake on some radio phone in show and I will probably now be called all manner of obscenities by the PC brigade. However, none of this changes the fact that in my opinion (and statistical fact) the percentage of non-Caucasian drug dealers in the UK is disproportionate to their numbers.

This can be proven factually. Which document am I using? It’s got to be some BNP front organisation with dodgy statistics right?

No, sorry, it’s a Home Office document. Given the severe pressure on the government to be politically correct, this implies that the statistics could be even more worrying than those disclosed.

England is approximately three percent black and four percent Asian (not including Chinese). Yet, as the report shows, in every county the number of black and Asian people arrested for drug offences was over represented and often more than twice what should be expected by average.

Also laid to rest is Nadia’s claim that “racial assaults fell” in 2007. She used this to discredit the drop in racial assaults in B+D following the BNP councillor’s election there.

So given the fact that racist crime fell in the area with most BNP councillors while it increased elsewhere, is this not to the BNP’s credit? Or at least does it not put a very firm dent in the idea that the BNP bring racial assaults with them?

Griffin’s claim that Muslims are responsible for importing drugs is harder to verify. To my knowledge there are no records kept of an offender’s religion. There is however a large set of circumstantial evidence as disclosed by the BNP.

Let me repeat I am NOT suggesting for a second that a person’s genetic stock makes them more or less likely to commit a crime. I also don’t deny that social status plays a big role.

I am merely pointing out an unpleasant side effect of multiculturalism that we seem scared to talk about. Why are the minority communities not doing more to address this problem?

A minor result

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So finally, I get my first (almost) direct on line shout out from the UAF. The UAF sites (with the exception of Barnsley UAF) are a bunch of cowardly, hate filled, hysterical yet usually anonymous bloggers who have no life of their own and therefore spend all their time blogging not about politics or the party they support, but an undemocratic hate group known as UAF.

Anyway Lee John Barnes of the BNP has his own stalker blogger who is actually sad enough to shout me in the profile section: (I also declare this quote of the week):

Also, we’d like to hear from any BNP members living in Thailand with mixed race children in contravention of the BNP’s opposition to mixed-race relationships and the resultant offspring. So, do drop us an email on how you resolve such a dilemma and yet retain membership of the BNP. Many thanks.

Great! Well, LJB’s obsessive stalker, your question is a valid one but is also none of your business. However, I do have something I wish to say to you, Ketlan (who I actually thought was female) and all the other Fascists. It is something I could never say better than Kyle Bristow did to another leftie so allow me to quote precocious young Kyle:

I read your email about how you are disappointed with my alleged hatred and racism. I cannot adequately write to express how thrilled I am to hear this. It always is great to be told that I irk the left-wing scum of my country who yearn to destroy Western civilization.

If there is anything else I can do to cause pain and suffering for liberals, please let me know. My goal in life is to piss off liberals so much that steam starts coming out of their ears, their heads rotate a full 360 degrees around, they vomit pea soup, and their heads explode.


I trust Kyle doesn’t mind my copying, since he knows it’s in a good cause.

See you when I get elected, LJB stalker.