A minor result

So finally, I get my first (almost) direct on line shout out from the UAF. The UAF sites (with the exception of Barnsley UAF) are a bunch of cowardly, hate filled, hysterical yet usually anonymous bloggers who have no life of their own and therefore spend all their time blogging not about politics or the party they support, but an undemocratic hate group known as UAF.

Anyway Lee John Barnes of the BNP has his own stalker blogger who is actually sad enough to shout me in the profile section: (I also declare this quote of the week):

Also, we’d like to hear from any BNP members living in Thailand with mixed race children in contravention of the BNP’s opposition to mixed-race relationships and the resultant offspring. So, do drop us an email on how you resolve such a dilemma and yet retain membership of the BNP. Many thanks.

Great! Well, LJB’s obsessive stalker, your question is a valid one but is also none of your business. However, I do have something I wish to say to you, Ketlan (who I actually thought was female) and all the other Fascists. It is something I could never say better than Kyle Bristow did to another leftie so allow me to quote precocious young Kyle:

I read your email about how you are disappointed with my alleged hatred and racism. I cannot adequately write to express how thrilled I am to hear this. It always is great to be told that I irk the left-wing scum of my country who yearn to destroy Western civilization.

If there is anything else I can do to cause pain and suffering for liberals, please let me know. My goal in life is to piss off liberals so much that steam starts coming out of their ears, their heads rotate a full 360 degrees around, they vomit pea soup, and their heads explode.


I trust Kyle doesn’t mind my copying, since he knows it’s in a good cause.

See you when I get elected, LJB stalker.


3 Responses to “A minor result”

  1. Haha. Great quote.


  2. Stop Common Purpose

    If you don’t know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

    Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:


    In particular, consider how they have corrupted the British police:


  3. “Well, LJB’s obsessive stalker, your question is a valid one but is also none of your business.”

    *falls over laughing*

    You really are a hoot. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for the conversation when you explain everything to the BNP back home.

    And I’d say good luck getting elected with the BNP with that kind of track record, friend. But I guess if they’ll put a gay porn star on the London Assembly, you may yet have a chance.

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