More lies

They say if you tell a lie long enough, people accept it as gospel. Well that certainly seems to be the case with some circles. The ‘Holocaust Denial’ debate rages on. Why? Simple, some people have use for lies.

The BNP have never denied the Holocaust, I have never denied the Holocaust and Nick Griffin has said:

I have never denied the fact that the Nazis murdered huge numbers of Jews in one of the great crimes of a century of terrible inhumanity.”

The controversy is all based on a tiny clip circulating on the net. Griffin was once on camera over ten years ago saying “There’s no doubt people died and that’s tragic” he then went on to (foolishly) question the methods. He has since retracted those statements many times over.

Yet still, some kind, Fascist hating liberals continue to press this charge, convinced that guilt is guilt because they want it to be guilt. No doubt they would have been great judges in seventeenth century Salem.

The SPL recently made raised this ‘denial’ claim yet again on their blog, and I stepped in to point out the truth. After my comment was removed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s blog (an overrated site if ever there was one) blogger Tremlett announced on the same page that he had “shred” my argument and “exposed” me as BNP. Because, of course, membership of a legal political party needs to be “exposed”! Why he choose to do that there when he had already commented on my blog is known only to him.

Mr Tremlett’s follow up as “proof” of his “shred” was: “The retractions are slimy diversions from the truth of the matter. His “retractions” are carefully parsed statements which claim, quite laughably, that he never denied anything at all” which he then follows with a total non sequitur about blacks fighting for the Confederacy in the US civil war and elected Jewish BNP councillors! On his own blog he drags up the same old links, then slyly glosses into verbose waffle about “it’s not a recant but a dodge”, etc.

Tremlett brings up a few points typical of “antis” that can be addressed.

1) The Holocaust was defined by atrocious murders, not by one single method of murder. Therefore, questioning murder methods such as a gas chamber – though very foolish and incorrect – is not Holocaust Denial by any scholarly definition.

2) Waffle and personal opinions are not “proof”. “Proof” is a logical argument or verifiable evidence that would stand up in a court of law.

3) The BNP are not racist in the correct scholarly definition of the term:

“A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others” (wordweb)

4) Someone cannot be a Holocaust Deniar if they believe (under huge provocation from thugs) that twenty million died during the Holocaust, as Griffin said at MSU. It is likely that Nick’s over estimate is a cautionary measure or a reflection of minor nerves on a stage that a blogger such as Tremlett would likely never have the courage to face.

Desire to keep one indigenous race in the majority is not “racism” or “separatism” unless Hong Kong Chinese are “Asian separatists”, Singapore likewise, Thailand’s indigenous are “Thai separatists” and other nationalistic or partisan states are all ‘racist’. The people of these places (I know from experience) would laugh at the suggestion that keeping the indigenous populace in the majority is “racist” or “sepratist”. It’s only in the western conditioned psyche that this nonsense exists.

The term “racist” as applied to the BNP can only mean that the Black Police Officers Union is racist (“Black Police officer separatists” ?) , the Asian Football League is racist and many, many others too.

That is the truth, but truth doesn’t matter to some people. Some people care more about political point scoring than they do about the deaths of innocents, usually these are people who have no other purpose to justify their existence.

It’s unlikely the left will ever put this matter to rest, but let them stew. No more talk on this topic. The GLA seat has been achieved and more will come. The beauty of truth is that it always comes through in the end. People won’t swallow lies forever.


4 Responses to “More lies”

  1. Melitaea athalia Says:

    Téigh trasna ort féin.

    You guys aren’t indigenous to the British Isles, so fuck off.

  2. Melitaea athalia Says:

    You are not the same people who hunted hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses in Britain. Go on, fuck off.

  3. Given that both species became extinct in Europe several millennia before Britain as a nation was created, I think you will find your “argument” is superfluous.

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