UAF lies

Nowadays I don’t usually publicise or link to UAF lies and hysteria as it gives them unwarranted attention.

However, I will make just one exception to serve as an example of the lies.

This article….


(replace the stars with “http”, I don’t want to generate links for the Fascists)

……discusses a fake email. Now look at the comments on the article. Note they are nearly all anonymous, full of lies, slander, hatred and nonsense and basically saying the same thing one hundred times over. And yet, Ketlan never publishes a comment from yours truly when it is civil and simply critical.

So, I will publish it here instead. This is the comment I sent Ketlan today:

What I find hilarious is that you refuse to accept comments that criticise you, Ketlan, or your articles and yet you happily publish anonymous comments full of brazen, blatant lies and hysteria such as your “Griffins a tosser” comment. It shows quite clearly that you have zero respect for free speech and only care for hatred and hysteria. And you have the nerve to call yourself an anti-Fascist.

Your side link articles are just as pathetic. “Why the BNP are Fascist” contains no definition of Fascism – scholarly or otherwise – despite the fact it is notoriously hard to define. It is simply a collection of isolated incidents presented as some kind of proof of a doctrine the writer clearly is ignorant of and, in reality, wishes to use a label to intimidate a party he hates.

You know and I know you won’t publish this comment (though I will) or you’ll publish it with a hysterical rebuttal and then refuse me a reply. It doesn’t matter. You know I’m right.


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