Yes we ARE full!

One of the most common “rebuttals” I hear when I tell people that Britain is full is “Look at places like Singapore, we have far less than them”. Another one I heard recently is “Our population density is less than the Isle of Man FFS!”. The latter statement is actually wrong.

The problem with population density is that it is far from exact, it is measured by an average. Even the guys next door can surely see that this is misleading. One of the wonderful things about Britain is some of our stunningly beautiful countryside: The Peak District, The Lake District, The Scots Highlands, The Welsh Hills, even The New Forest near my hometown. These areas have low population, that’s how they remain beautiful. The areas that are filling up are of course, the cities. These areas are already full. Anyone who has tried to drive to work between seven am and nine am in any big city knows that.

So what does continued immigration bring? It gives us two choices, we cram the cities fuller still. That will take our density on those areas to almost Hong Kong levels.  Unlike HK though, it will escalate our crime rates and increase tensions.
The other choice is that we let it spill over into our areas of natural beauty. The left will get what they want, our density levels on a par with the likes of Singapore, and our heritage that has survived over decades will be finished.

Next time a leftie sneers at the claim we are full, remind them that we are full, unless we want to lose something that truly does make us proud to be British. Our natural heritage.


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