Imagine publicly stating:

“I saw some terrorists on TV the other day. They were Muslim. What does this tells us about Muslims?’


“Here are some pictures of Labour members in jail. Labour are a party of crooks”.

Would would be the outcome? Well for making the first statement, you’d be branded a hate filled, bigoted, deplorable racist. For the second comment, most people would point out your lack of logic, because of course presenting the actions of a tiny minority as representative of the whole is ludicrous at best, obscenely dishonest at worst.

And yet, Andi Ali is the man who made the first statement, except he said: “I have been heckled by the far right, what does this tell us about the far right?”.

As for the second statement, a certain group are planning a poster book of “BNP members making Nazi salutes”. The reality is of course, that very few BNP members have ever made a Nazi salute or would ever want to. So what the group will do is picture ex-members who were sacked, people who were never in the party and maybe two or three of the 6000+ BNP members who have made a salute. They will then push this sickening lie out as propaganda.

The same group have published an article stating a police complaint should be launched against Griffin for raising the middle finger to a journalist after his Leeds trial in 2006. The fact that Griffin has just completed a hellish ordeal and the journalists were physically and verbally heckling his family is not important apparently. Perhaps the scumbag making the complaint is jealous that he has no family and/or no courage to stand up for them. These people really should get a life. They obviously get no sex.Sill, it’s obvious they are low on morale and resources right now if they are digging up stuff from two years ago.


2 Responses to “Scum”

  1. I just saw the comment you left on the LU blog and the wanker’s reply. He obviously can’t contemplate what was at stake here, not only Griffin’s and Collet’s freedom but the BNP party and issues surrounding freedom of speech that had far reaching affects for the whole country.

    The BNP ought to consider making a play or a short film perhaps as it was an historical event and pivotal in the BNP’s lurch forward.

    Tossofski knows this and was hoping for a completely different outcome and it didn’t happen, same as the outcome of the recent spat within the BNP didn’t achieve what he hoped it would and the icing on the cake was Barnbrooks election onto the GLA.

    And whilst all this is happening and press appear to be mellowing Tossofski is reduced to posting articles calling for the prosecution of a man for giving the one fingered salute that happened nearly 1 1/2 years ago!

    How seriously pathetic can you get?

  2. What has Andi Ali got to do with this?

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