Rock on at the RWB

The fact that this year’s RWB festival has been denied a licence by Derbyshire police due to threats of violence from our lovely “anti” fascist friends could actually work well in our favour.

This year’s festival will almost certainly be the BNP’s biggest ever, with our increasing popularity. Due to those threatening violence in order to bully Derbyshire police into refusing a licence for the festival, the attendees will have to bring their own music and booze. Fine, that will just encourage people to be resourceful and inventive. It may very well also develop a strong team spirit.

The bullying may very well increase sympathy and support for the BNP and add to what already promises to be a great event.

I’m gutted I can’t be there but I hope my BNP colleagues will have lots of fun, record some speeches and share some photos.

The BNP quiet revolution goes on.


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