“Anti” Fascist backs down

A certain group have opened a new web forum. It calls itself “anti-fascism for adults”. Next to this header is a “news” flash: “Lee Barnes gets himself pregnant”.

I made the following challenge to Ketlan, who deleted it within minutes. As usual, Ketlan shows himself as someone who cannot handle or accept any form of logical debate, factual discussion or countering opinions. I know why this is, and so does he.

I challenge Ketlan to a debate.

The topic is simple: I say the BNP are not a Fascist party.

A sensible, one on one adult debate. No petty or personal insults. No anonymous name calling morons. No deletion of posts. No hysteria.

Can you handle that Ketlan?

Of course, you can delete my post and allow anonymous posters to fill this up with insults if it makes you feel secure. But deep down you would still know the truth and so would I. You cannot face logical debate.


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