DIY hysteria kit

Looking to smear someone that you hate? Feel a need to find purpose in your life to convince yourself that your existence has a meaning? So ugly you could crack glass just by looking at it and feel a need to take revenge on the world? What you need is EZ smear! A simple four step technique to filling your blog with absolutely meaningless, empty nonsense! Works perfectly for all those “Oh damn we haven’t got anything on our opponents” days!

Our technique has been used from ancient times until this week.

Simply follow these steps:

1) Make up a stupidly over the top threatening e-mail or just cut and paste this template:

I am going to get you. I have a big gun. I am clearly, a member of your political opponents. I am going to have you son. Don’t forget, I have a gun. I am going to shoot you with it.

PS Don’t forget I am your political opponent. Make sure you realise this is a threatening e-mail that is definitely from your political opponent.

2) Make the e-mail public.

3) Present the e-mail as being from your political opponents.

4) Fill your comments section with pointless, pathetic, juvenile comments that pretend the person you accuse is already tried and convicted because of your blog.

(PS No money back guarantee is available. We accept no responsibility for hysterical laughter and taunts that may result from use of this system.)


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