The truth corner

Just something I typed our quickly for my Facebook group.

1) “All cultures are equal”

Also known as:
“Multiculturalism is a good thing” “All cultures are good” “We can learn something from all of the world’s cultures” etc.

Really? How can it be equal to believe that gays should be widely tolerated or publicly executed? How can it be equal to think cannibalism is a barbaric practise or acceptable?,9171,790434,00.html

How do we propose that these cultures coexist on the same shores, in some kind of Disney movie style harmony?

2) “The NHS would collapse without immigrants”

Right, because obviously we don’t have medically qualified replacements in any of our universities. Not Oxbridge or anywhere else.

What people really mean is that logistically, it would be a problem to replace all immigrant workers.

3) “Immigration reduces our taxes, replaces our aging workforce, covers the jobs natives are too lazy or unwilling to do”

i) Immigrants claim benefits out of proportion to their numbers.

ii) Immigrant workers get old too.

iii) Who did the jobs people didn’t like before mass immigration started? The locals.

4) “The BNP are a party of thugs, hooligans, muggers, kill joys, tooth fairy killers” etc.

The membership of the BNP stands at over six thousand: (page 13)

Of that number, about ten members have been found guilty if a violent crime. How can anyone use such a tiny, tiny fraction of a group and smear the rest with it?

5) “The BNP has extremist policies like saying everyone should undertake military service and then keep a gun at home.”

Yes, how very extreme. I bet only savage, war torn countries have ideas like that:

6)”The BNP support the idea of woman beating and rape”

One single person who happened to be a party member made some comments on his blog. As a result of this, the person has left the party. If only all parties dealt with things so efficiently!


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