Just to clarify

I rarely discuss my personal life beyond my profession as I think its egoistical and unnecessary. However, since the attention of the lefties towards me in various circles seems to be increasing, I will deal with their one and only line of “argument” towards me.  I apologise for the digression.

In fact it’s not really an “argument” at all, since the number of lefties who have given me a run for my money in a straight debate I can count on one hand. Most members of the far left cannot handle a straight debate and will not do so. Hence the reason I’m often “exposed” as BNP , when in fact I’ve never hidden the fact. Using words like “exposed” helps some people to feel a fake sense of pride or importance and lets them kid themselves that they weren’t really afraid of debate. (In any case, surely “exposing” someone for supporting a legal party with a seat on the GLA is a bit like “exposing” someone for having brown hair?).

In the last few months, in various places, I seem to be getting more and more of ……..

“Redandwhitestripes is an immigrant…….”

Someone best tell Thai immigration, since they stamp “non immigrant” on my passport when I go to renew my visa every year. An immigrant is someone who moves to another country with the intention of staying put. It is not a worker who is on a yearly contract.

In fact, I am a walking advert for how immigration and expatriate workers should be handled in the UK. I pay taxes, I report my whereabouts every ninety days. I cannot vote or buy a house or use government services without charge. I am made to feel most welcome providing I respect and obey Thai customs and laws. My employer must apply for my work permit and submit a set of documents that prove I am qualified, a local cannot do my job and my employer has an acceptable ratio of native to foreign employees. (see here)

“Redandwhitestripes has a Thai wife…..”

No he doesn’t.

“Reandwhitestripes has a mixed race child…..”

Yes he does and he makes no apologies for that.

I love my child very much. The fact that I have a mixed race child does not change the threat of Islam, the insanity of immigration in the UK, the threat to our culture and identity or the need for a reform in our legal, medical and education systems.

I suppose I should be flattered by the interest in my personal affairs, since I couldn’t care less about the private lives of people I have never met unless I find that person to be interesting and worth listening to. I find my own life to be interesting enough to stop me snooping about with total strangers otherwise.

So for all the people who rant on about the “immigrant” from Thailand, thanks for the attention but you are wrong. And just think, if I have this much effect from over here, just wait until I get active on my return.

That’s all. No more personal discussions :-)


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