Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a terrorist. He supported anti-government guerilla tactics for years. The ANC were famous for “necking” the idea of setting a tire around someone’s neck, dousing it with fuel and setting it alight.

Mandela also encouraged bombings, including the Church Street Massacre.

On a personal level, Mandela also inadvertently pushed me to join the BNP. The BNP website carried an article about a statue of Mandela to be erected in London. I emailed the council in complaint and they responded telling me “The statue is designed to celebrate diversity”.

That’s when I realised the BNP were telling the truth and Britain has gone way too far down the liberal line.

Apartheid was evil and should have been resisted to the the max peacefully, but fighting evil with evil does not make good.
A man who encouraged brutal murder was being celebrated with statues and fundraising concerts and nobody bats an eyelid. A legal political party that complains is hounded and harassed. It makes me sick. (singing “kill the whites”)


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