BNP policies in use elsewhere?

The BNP manifesto is not revolutionary or an untested collection of ideology. Many of the party policies have been used or are in use elsewhere.

Men who have completed military service should be obliged to keep a gun in the home for use in defence.

This policy has been used in Switzerland. Crime remains low and accidents with guns are equally sparse.

Opting out of the EU.
This has been done by Norway, Switzerland and to some extent now by Ireland. None of these countries have seen any loss of economic fortune. Indeed, Norway remains a model economy in many respects. Yes this is partly due to its abundant resources but good management has also played a key role.

Voluntary Repatriation of immigrants.

As the official site announces, Spain has now begun a system of paying fifty percent of benefits to unemployed immigrants providing they repatriate. The policy has so far been peaceful and successful.

Of course, no two countries are exactly the same and what works for one might not work for another. Likewise, even when policies run successfully there are lessons to be learned. Italy’s recent removal of foreigners did spark some violence which was not well handled and resulted in utterly tragic deaths.

But the point is that BNP policies are not extreme. They are pragmatic, workable and relevant to the UK. It should be clear that our current government is not up to the task, isn’t it time to give the UK the reform it needs?

Now I’m off to try and improve at ‘MASS Effect’ on the Xbox360. I’m an old school console gamer so it often takes me a while to adjust to games with so many control options on a joypad.


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