Reasons to keep out of Europe’s EU

It just occurred to me today that it would be useful to collate some of the evidence and arguments against EU membership. So let’s begin!

This is a new idea which I will update regularly.

1) Corruption is increased exponentially by the EU

MEP’s censor details of expenses claimed to the sum of 140 million

2) Lack of transparency.

EUP elects to clarify “documents” as papers on the official register only. (See ‘Private Eye’ issue 1213)

3) It’s undemocratic.

The “no” vote to the Lisbon treaty has been treated with utter contempt. (See this video too)

Group forming rules are being changed to squeeze our euro-sceptics.

Ask Jean Marie for a great speech on the EU!


4 Responses to “Reasons to keep out of Europe’s EU”

  1. ‘Corruption is increased exponentially’, ‘Lack of transparency’, ‘It’s undemocratic’ … hmmm … sounds like the BNP!

  2. No, definitely more BNP than UKIP.

  3. I don’t really see how any objective mind could say this sounds only like the BNP. The video was supplied by the UKIP web site and the other links came from various reading, none of which I got from the BNP site.

    There are people across the political spectrum that dislike the EU as it stands, so I think it’s quite prejudiced to label all cited concerns and objections as “BNP”.

    By the way that anonymouse looks useful!

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