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True Fascism: The Iraq War

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There is a political party in our mist that supports Fascism. The leaders of the group have a plan – we might even call it a conspiracy – to inflict terror, ethnic cleansing, murder and dictatorship upon The World. This is not hysteria, embellished storytelling or any of the political mind games I discussed recently, this whole campaign is documented, recorded and reported.

It is the Iraqi war as waged by The Labour Party.

Make no mistake, Blair and Brown knew what the deal was from the first day their US comrade George W Bush took office.

  • Bush and his security team purposely fabricated evidence for Iraq’s WMD’s. Their main witness, codename “curveball” was a fraud. What’s more, the White House knew he was a fraud and ignored this fact.
  • Meanwhile, Cheney meet with Big Oil executives to discuss a plan for invading Iraq.
  • While he was doing this, Bush Jr orchestrated a media whitewash that was so vast, most people still don’t realise how extensive it was. Conferences were filled with planted questions, FOX and the other channels were fed with falsified information and dissenters were harassed and intimidated.
  • The US State Department drew up a document that planned to smash OPEC by declaring state ownership (as in, owned by the US puppet government) of Iraq’s oil, the same document also explained how Iraq assets would be sold off to international companies and copyright backpayments would be slapped on all media.
  • UN weapons inspectors confirmed the WMD’s were not there, but Bush and co. continued to shout and scream about “nuclear weapons” and “terrorism” at every opportunity.
  • The James Baker 3 institute drew up their own, pro-OPEC plan for Iraq that also included ownership of the oil (for purposes of withholding it this time) and sale of Iraq assets.
  • Paul Wolfwitz appeared on US national TV and told his countrymen that Iraq could pay for its own renovation. He stated that Iraq could pump “six million barrels a day” to pay for itself.
  • After the invasion began, Bush employed a team to plan his victory speech in meticulous detail. It had to be that way, since he was never a great pilot and faces very strong accusations that he ducked service during his time in the Air Force.
  • And when it all started to go wrong, it was undoubtedly due to military blunders such as de-Baathification and lack of communication between coalition forces. US and UK generals repeatedly told their leaders they simply did not have enough troops, but the requests were ignored.
  • But the US had its own squabble between the State Department and JB3I. Ahmed Chalibi – the neocon’s  choice for PM – was arrested on suspicion of espionage. The JBI team got their man in his place. Meanwhile general Jay Garner was withdrawn from the field. His crime? Ordering an election before the oil had been secured.
  • And of course, the insurgency and murder continues.

Blair and Brown knew all this. Blair gave the approval for our boys to go and die over these lies. Brown signed off a budget of billions to pay for it. The total cost currently stands at over seven billion pounds.

Iraq has the potential to be the second biggest oil producer in OPEC. Yet is has a fraction of its wells dug in comparison to Saudi Arabia. Today, just as has been done so many times in its short history, Iraq has been conquered not to bring liberty to its people but to suppress its oil production.

Again, this is not hysteria or a conspiracy theory. This is a documented, citible, provable fact.

Let me ask you, which political party has caused more misery, hatred, horror, murder, Facism, rape of liberty and religious genocide in modern UK history?

The answer is none.

Innocent people continue to die over a war that was based on lies and nothing more. FOX News recently run a story concerning the rock/rap/metal group ‘Rage Against The Machine’ and their observations on the crimes of GWB. FOX quoted lead singer Zack as saying “[George Bush] should be shot” and portrayed Zack as a crackpot.

Actually Zack’s full quote was:

“A good friend of ours [Noam Chomsky] once said that if the same laws were applied to U.S. presidents as were applied to the Nazis after World War II […] every single one of them, every last rich white one of them from Truman on, would have been hung to death and shot—and this current administration is no exception. They should be hung, and tried, and shot. As any war criminal should be.”

And this is true. GWB is guilty and therefore Blair and Brown are aides to a massive crime against humanity. That is not an exaggeration. Moreover, they have fed you and lies as they took our tax money to spend on their war. They spat in the face of democracy and insulted the intelligence of each and every citizen who objected to a war that never had a democratic mandate in the first place.

In the time it has taken you to read this, it is likely that another innocent person has died in Iraq.What has happened in Iraq is a travesty and if you care about it, then you can at least ensure Labour get the message. Vote them out.

But don’t vote them out for a weak, sell out party that would have done exactly the same thing, vote them out for a party that said all along that it was wrong to be involved. Vote for the BNP.


“Armed Madhouse” by Greg Palast
The State Department and JBI plans for Iraq and the scheme to withold the oil, the Wolfowitz quote.

“Fiasco: The American military asdventure in Iraq” by Thomas E. Ricks
The military blunders, Jay Garner and government properganda.

“The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina” Frank Rich
The shocking extent of the White House’s media manipulation
The cost of the war to the UK taxpayer.


Fascism for dummies (part 3)

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 After socialism, Fascism trains its guns on the whole block of democratic ideologies, and rejects both their premises and their practical applications and implements.
(17) The war was revolutionary, in the sense that with streams of blood it did away with the century of Democracy, the century of number, the century of majorities and of quantities

“Victory by the ballet box is morally and legally correct”
Nick Griffin

Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist  State  – a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values – interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people (14)

“The second you deny freedom of speech, you turn on this hideous totalitarian mentality”
Nick Griffin

Definition of Fascism taken from an essay by Chip Bertlett:

*   Nationalism and super-patriotism with a sense of historic mission.

* Aggressive militarism even to the extent of glorifying war as good for the national or individual spirit.
Absolutely none in the BNP

* Use of violence or threats of violence to impose views on others (fascism and Nazism both employed street violence and state violence at different moments in their development).

Contrary to popular belief, this does not happen in the BNP (more than any other party). You will hear many stories of it, but there will be little or no evidence. When you hear this claim, ask for verifiable proof. There is, however, evidence for this.

* Authoritarian reliance on a leader or elite not constitutionally responsible to an electorate.

BNP are a legal party.

* Cult of personality around a charismatic leader.

That would be no. Griffin was challenged for the leadership about a year ago.

* Reaction against the values of Modernism, usually with emotional attacks against both liberalism and communism.

* Exhortations for the homogeneous masses of common folk (Volkish in German, Populist in the U.S.) to join voluntarily in a heroic mission–often metaphysical and romanticized in character.

There is no metaphysical, spiritual (that Mussolini pushed so hard) struggle in the BNP. genuine extreme ideologies – especially on the right – carry these traits. The BNP do not.

* Dehumanization and scapegoating of the enemy–seeing the enemy as an inferior or subhuman force, perhaps involved in a conspiracy that justifies eradicating them.

The BNP are bound by common law which would block any actions such as this. Our uninformed friend classed the BNP as Holocaust deniers. I think this person would have the authority to tell him he is wrong.

* The self image of being a superior form of social organization beyond socialism, capitalism and democracy.

* Elements of national socialist ideological roots, for example, ostensible support for the industrial working class or farmers; but ultimately, the forging of an alliance with an elite sector of society.

* Abandonment of any consistent ideology in a drive for state power.

The BNP are a nationalist party, and spend time defining 21st century British nationalism. There is a driving ideology, just as there is for most parties.

“Demonising the practice of fascism, especially the terror and horrors of Nazism, without understanding the different routes by which people could be attracted to fascism is a serious intellectual error.”

Roger Eatwell

And those who use the term as a slur without understanding or investigating what it means are guilty of belittling the many who died under fascism and the ultimate hypocrisy of being fascists themselves.

Fascism for dummies (part 2)

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Today’s definition of fascism comes from Kevin Passmore and his bookFascism: A Very Short Introduction” published by Oxford University Press. I can’t wait to hear the far left argue this one.

“Fascism is a set of ideologies and practices that seeks to place the nation, defined in exclusive biological, cultural, and/or historical terms, above all other sources of loyalty, and to create a mobilized national community.”

So far, IMHO this is an apt description of the BNP. Keep reading though….

“Fascist nationalism…………..”

Stop right there. The words used by Passmore here are not a portmanteau. Passmore is talking about an extreme branch of nationalism and defining that extremity as “fascist”. In other words, what’s coming is not a description of nationalism; it’s a description of fascism…..

“….is reactionary in that it entails implacable hostility to socialism and feminism, for they are seen as prioritizing class or gender rather than nation.”

Feminism is mentioned a couple of times in this definition. The problem there is that our semantics of the word “feminism” have changed over the course of time. To give an accurate analysis of feminism and the BNP would take a lot of explanation. All we need to say now is that the BNP has no objection to female members, female voters or women’s rights. Indeed, it encourages them, and objects to female circumcision as used by some orthodox Muslims.

This is why fascism is a movement of the extreme right. Fascism is also a movement of the radical right because the defeat of socialism and feminism and the creation of the mobilized nation are held to depend upon the advent to power of a new elite acting in the name of the people, headed by a charismatic leader, and embodied in a mass, militarized party.

There is no “elite” in the BNP and all political leaders can be charismatic. There is no militarisation in the BNP. No uniforms, not salutes, no indoctrination. Nothing.

“Fascists are pushed towards conservatism by common hatred of socialism and feminism, but are prepared to override conservative interests – family, property, religion, the universities, the civil service – where the interests of the nation are considered to require it.”

The BNP manifesto is compromised of values for family, Christian traditions, etc. It is these values that make British nationalism. These are the core values for the BNP and this is what defines nationalism for them. Therefore, there can be no overriding factor.

“Fascist radicalism also derives from a desire to assuage discontent by accepting specific demands of the labour and women’s movements, so long as these demands accord with the national priority.”

This could be a description of any reformist manifesto.

“Fascists seek to ensure the harmonization of workers’ and women’s interests with those of the nation by mobilizing them within special sections of the party and/or within a corporate system. Access to these organizations and to the benefits they confer upon members depends on the individual’s national, political, and/or racial characteristics. All aspects of fascist policy are diffused with ultranationalism.”

Unfortunately the author finishes his definition with the undefined term “ultranationalism”. The BNP do not favour trade unions or workers based upon national characteristics, their manifesto clearly states minorities can stay in Britain but will not receive favorable treatment and should abide by British culture. This is the norm in many countries, yet it is viewed with contempt by some in the UK.

So ends Mister Passmore’s definition, however it should be not that preceding this definition, the author states:

“The British National Party and the French National Front are certainly part of the extreme right but are not fascist.”

So there you have it again. This time it came from a history lecturer at Cardiff University. The book itself is a good read and I recommend it to anyone. Once you’ve read it, you can use it to smack a leftist round the head next time you hear the “BNP are fascists” line.

If you are still not convinced, keep visiting this site. Another analogy will be along shortly…..