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True Fascism: The Iraq War

Posted in Factual information, fascism, Hysteria and lies on July 26, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

There is a political party in our mist that supports Fascism. The leaders of the group have a plan – we might even call it a conspiracy – to inflict terror, ethnic cleansing, murder and dictatorship upon The World. This is not hysteria, embellished storytelling or any of the political mind games I discussed recently, this whole campaign is documented, recorded and reported.

It is the Iraqi war as waged by The Labour Party.

Make no mistake, Blair and Brown knew what the deal was from the first day their US comrade George W Bush took office.

  • Bush and his security team purposely fabricated evidence for Iraq’s WMD’s. Their main witness, codename “curveball” was a fraud. What’s more, the White House knew he was a fraud and ignored this fact.
  • Meanwhile, Cheney meet with Big Oil executives to discuss a plan for invading Iraq.
  • While he was doing this, Bush Jr orchestrated a media whitewash that was so vast, most people still don’t realise how extensive it was. Conferences were filled with planted questions, FOX and the other channels were fed with falsified information and dissenters were harassed and intimidated.
  • The US State Department drew up a document that planned to smash OPEC by declaring state ownership (as in, owned by the US puppet government) of Iraq’s oil, the same document also explained how Iraq assets would be sold off to international companies and copyright backpayments would be slapped on all media.
  • UN weapons inspectors confirmed the WMD’s were not there, but Bush and co. continued to shout and scream about “nuclear weapons” and “terrorism” at every opportunity.
  • The James Baker 3 institute drew up their own, pro-OPEC plan for Iraq that also included ownership of the oil (for purposes of withholding it this time) and sale of Iraq assets.
  • Paul Wolfwitz appeared on US national TV and told his countrymen that Iraq could pay for its own renovation. He stated that Iraq could pump “six million barrels a day” to pay for itself.
  • After the invasion began, Bush employed a team to plan his victory speech in meticulous detail. It had to be that way, since he was never a great pilot and faces very strong accusations that he ducked service during his time in the Air Force.
  • And when it all started to go wrong, it was undoubtedly due to military blunders such as de-Baathification and lack of communication between coalition forces. US and UK generals repeatedly told their leaders they simply did not have enough troops, but the requests were ignored.
  • But the US had its own squabble between the State Department and JB3I. Ahmed Chalibi – the neocon’s  choice for PM – was arrested on suspicion of espionage. The JBI team got their man in his place. Meanwhile general Jay Garner was withdrawn from the field. His crime? Ordering an election before the oil had been secured.
  • And of course, the insurgency and murder continues.

Blair and Brown knew all this. Blair gave the approval for our boys to go and die over these lies. Brown signed off a budget of billions to pay for it. The total cost currently stands at over seven billion pounds.

Iraq has the potential to be the second biggest oil producer in OPEC. Yet is has a fraction of its wells dug in comparison to Saudi Arabia. Today, just as has been done so many times in its short history, Iraq has been conquered not to bring liberty to its people but to suppress its oil production.

Again, this is not hysteria or a conspiracy theory. This is a documented, citible, provable fact.

Let me ask you, which political party has caused more misery, hatred, horror, murder, Facism, rape of liberty and religious genocide in modern UK history?

The answer is none.

Innocent people continue to die over a war that was based on lies and nothing more. FOX News recently run a story concerning the rock/rap/metal group ‘Rage Against The Machine’ and their observations on the crimes of GWB. FOX quoted lead singer Zack as saying “[George Bush] should be shot” and portrayed Zack as a crackpot.

Actually Zack’s full quote was:

“A good friend of ours [Noam Chomsky] once said that if the same laws were applied to U.S. presidents as were applied to the Nazis after World War II […] every single one of them, every last rich white one of them from Truman on, would have been hung to death and shot—and this current administration is no exception. They should be hung, and tried, and shot. As any war criminal should be.”

And this is true. GWB is guilty and therefore Blair and Brown are aides to a massive crime against humanity. That is not an exaggeration. Moreover, they have fed you and lies as they took our tax money to spend on their war. They spat in the face of democracy and insulted the intelligence of each and every citizen who objected to a war that never had a democratic mandate in the first place.

In the time it has taken you to read this, it is likely that another innocent person has died in Iraq.What has happened in Iraq is a travesty and if you care about it, then you can at least ensure Labour get the message. Vote them out.

But don’t vote them out for a weak, sell out party that would have done exactly the same thing, vote them out for a party that said all along that it was wrong to be involved. Vote for the BNP.


“Armed Madhouse” by Greg Palast
The State Department and JBI plans for Iraq and the scheme to withold the oil, the Wolfowitz quote.

“Fiasco: The American military asdventure in Iraq” by Thomas E. Ricks
The military blunders, Jay Garner and government properganda.

“The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina” Frank Rich
The shocking extent of the White House’s media manipulation
The cost of the war to the UK taxpayer.


Political mind games

Posted in Factual information, Hysteria and lies with tags on July 14, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

Politicians have always been experts not just at outright lies, but also at clever mind games such as push polling , straw man arguments , weasel words ( want some examples?) and the politics of fear. It’s important to be aware of these methods as awareness and understanding of how they work is the best way to defend against them.

However, one method that works particularly well – a method related to the politics of fear – is very simple: opinion presented as fact (OPAF).

OPAF is rampant in politics. Often the claims can be subtle or malicious enough to seem true, and a favourite trick is to use exaggerated or embellished evidence that seems to corroborate the claim. In other cases however, the accusation or observation is simply based on strong dislike or even hatred.

It ever ceases to amaze me that people take some outrageous claims for granted.

Let’s take one random example of a ridiculous claim.

“The XYZ party is a party of drunk drivers”.

The chances are such an OPAF is being stated because of one or two news items about members of the XYZ party being arrested for DUI. However, with liberal media being what it is and psychological elements such as the belief confirmation bias , people often lose perspective of quantity. They can begin to truly believe that the actions of two people can represent the actions of two thousand people.

The antidote is simple – ask for genuine evidence that the majority or even a significant portion of the party have been caught DUI. When such evidence cannot be presented, ask why somebody is stereotyping a whole party for the actions of a tiny fraction. In short, simply point out the truth – the accuser is using OPAF.

So how can we take a moral high ground and rise above OPAF? Simple, use citeable, credible evidence whenever making factual claims. Of course, not everything on the net is reliable evidence for use in a debate. However, the wealth of information is such that a credible source relating to almost any topic can be found if the user looks hard enough. Government sources (despite their obvious vested agenda) , the Election Commission web site , broadsheets or Berliners such as The Times or The Telegraph (though again, there is an NUJ vested interest) and scholarly papers are just some examples of credible sources that can be used. Credible sources such as these add value and respectability well over OPAF to any educated person.

Of course many other sites – such as my own here – are not neutral. But some non-neutral sites can offer useful links or at least present logical arguments against OPAF. A cognisant person should be able to detect the difference and discriminate accordingly.

Don’t forget to cite your sources. At the very least, a mention of the web site (not just a link, but an actual sentence stating the site’s name and source) should be used when copying chunks of text or any other situation where the writer could even risk being seen as using plagarism or simply when sources are likely to be scrutinised or queried. For citing academic works such as books, use one of these styles.

Again, a simple link with no description is not enough and would be considered very poor taste.

Using such evidence should help you wade through the murky swamps of politics, but take heart!  At least we have a swamp to wade in. Less than half The World’s nations live in a democracy and fewer still have a democracy as mature as ours. For all its many faults, the UK political system remains one of the best.

Just to clarify

Posted in Factual information, Hysteria and lies on July 9, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

I rarely discuss my personal life beyond my profession as I think its egoistical and unnecessary. However, since the attention of the lefties towards me in various circles seems to be increasing, I will deal with their one and only line of “argument” towards me.  I apologise for the digression.

In fact it’s not really an “argument” at all, since the number of lefties who have given me a run for my money in a straight debate I can count on one hand. Most members of the far left cannot handle a straight debate and will not do so. Hence the reason I’m often “exposed” as BNP , when in fact I’ve never hidden the fact. Using words like “exposed” helps some people to feel a fake sense of pride or importance and lets them kid themselves that they weren’t really afraid of debate. (In any case, surely “exposing” someone for supporting a legal party with a seat on the GLA is a bit like “exposing” someone for having brown hair?).

In the last few months, in various places, I seem to be getting more and more of ……..

“Redandwhitestripes is an immigrant…….”

Someone best tell Thai immigration, since they stamp “non immigrant” on my passport when I go to renew my visa every year. An immigrant is someone who moves to another country with the intention of staying put. It is not a worker who is on a yearly contract.

In fact, I am a walking advert for how immigration and expatriate workers should be handled in the UK. I pay taxes, I report my whereabouts every ninety days. I cannot vote or buy a house or use government services without charge. I am made to feel most welcome providing I respect and obey Thai customs and laws. My employer must apply for my work permit and submit a set of documents that prove I am qualified, a local cannot do my job and my employer has an acceptable ratio of native to foreign employees. (see here)

“Redandwhitestripes has a Thai wife…..”

No he doesn’t.

“Reandwhitestripes has a mixed race child…..”

Yes he does and he makes no apologies for that.

I love my child very much. The fact that I have a mixed race child does not change the threat of Islam, the insanity of immigration in the UK, the threat to our culture and identity or the need for a reform in our legal, medical and education systems.

I suppose I should be flattered by the interest in my personal affairs, since I couldn’t care less about the private lives of people I have never met unless I find that person to be interesting and worth listening to. I find my own life to be interesting enough to stop me snooping about with total strangers otherwise.

So for all the people who rant on about the “immigrant” from Thailand, thanks for the attention but you are wrong. And just think, if I have this much effect from over here, just wait until I get active on my return.

That’s all. No more personal discussions :-)

DIY hysteria kit

Posted in Factual information, Hysteria and lies on July 6, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

Looking to smear someone that you hate? Feel a need to find purpose in your life to convince yourself that your existence has a meaning? So ugly you could crack glass just by looking at it and feel a need to take revenge on the world? What you need is EZ smear! A simple four step technique to filling your blog with absolutely meaningless, empty nonsense! Works perfectly for all those “Oh damn we haven’t got anything on our opponents” days!

Our technique has been used from ancient times until this week.

Simply follow these steps:

1) Make up a stupidly over the top threatening e-mail or just cut and paste this template:

I am going to get you. I have a big gun. I am clearly, a member of your political opponents. I am going to have you son. Don’t forget, I have a gun. I am going to shoot you with it.

PS Don’t forget I am your political opponent. Make sure you realise this is a threatening e-mail that is definitely from your political opponent.

2) Make the e-mail public.

3) Present the e-mail as being from your political opponents.

4) Fill your comments section with pointless, pathetic, juvenile comments that pretend the person you accuse is already tried and convicted because of your blog.

(PS No money back guarantee is available. We accept no responsibility for hysterical laughter and taunts that may result from use of this system.)

“Anti” Fascist backs down

Posted in Hysteria and lies, UAF (Unite Against Fascism) with tags , on June 22, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

A certain group have opened a new web forum. It calls itself “anti-fascism for adults”. Next to this header is a “news” flash: “Lee Barnes gets himself pregnant”.

I made the following challenge to Ketlan, who deleted it within minutes. As usual, Ketlan shows himself as someone who cannot handle or accept any form of logical debate, factual discussion or countering opinions. I know why this is, and so does he.

I challenge Ketlan to a debate.

The topic is simple: I say the BNP are not a Fascist party.

A sensible, one on one adult debate. No petty or personal insults. No anonymous name calling morons. No deletion of posts. No hysteria.

Can you handle that Ketlan?

Of course, you can delete my post and allow anonymous posters to fill this up with insults if it makes you feel secure. But deep down you would still know the truth and so would I. You cannot face logical debate.

Yes we ARE full!

Posted in Hysteria and lies on May 25, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

One of the most common “rebuttals” I hear when I tell people that Britain is full is “Look at places like Singapore, we have far less than them”. Another one I heard recently is “Our population density is less than the Isle of Man FFS!”. The latter statement is actually wrong.

The problem with population density is that it is far from exact, it is measured by an average. Even the guys next door can surely see that this is misleading. One of the wonderful things about Britain is some of our stunningly beautiful countryside: The Peak District, The Lake District, The Scots Highlands, The Welsh Hills, even The New Forest near my hometown. These areas have low population, that’s how they remain beautiful. The areas that are filling up are of course, the cities. These areas are already full. Anyone who has tried to drive to work between seven am and nine am in any big city knows that.

So what does continued immigration bring? It gives us two choices, we cram the cities fuller still. That will take our density on those areas to almost Hong Kong levels.  Unlike HK though, it will escalate our crime rates and increase tensions.
The other choice is that we let it spill over into our areas of natural beauty. The left will get what they want, our density levels on a par with the likes of Singapore, and our heritage that has survived over decades will be finished.

Next time a leftie sneers at the claim we are full, remind them that we are full, unless we want to lose something that truly does make us proud to be British. Our natural heritage.

A minor result

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So finally, I get my first (almost) direct on line shout out from the UAF. The UAF sites (with the exception of Barnsley UAF) are a bunch of cowardly, hate filled, hysterical yet usually anonymous bloggers who have no life of their own and therefore spend all their time blogging not about politics or the party they support, but an undemocratic hate group known as UAF.

Anyway Lee John Barnes of the BNP has his own stalker blogger who is actually sad enough to shout me in the profile section: (I also declare this quote of the week):

Also, we’d like to hear from any BNP members living in Thailand with mixed race children in contravention of the BNP’s opposition to mixed-race relationships and the resultant offspring. So, do drop us an email on how you resolve such a dilemma and yet retain membership of the BNP. Many thanks.

Great! Well, LJB’s obsessive stalker, your question is a valid one but is also none of your business. However, I do have something I wish to say to you, Ketlan (who I actually thought was female) and all the other Fascists. It is something I could never say better than Kyle Bristow did to another leftie so allow me to quote precocious young Kyle:

I read your email about how you are disappointed with my alleged hatred and racism. I cannot adequately write to express how thrilled I am to hear this. It always is great to be told that I irk the left-wing scum of my country who yearn to destroy Western civilization.

If there is anything else I can do to cause pain and suffering for liberals, please let me know. My goal in life is to piss off liberals so much that steam starts coming out of their ears, their heads rotate a full 360 degrees around, they vomit pea soup, and their heads explode.


I trust Kyle doesn’t mind my copying, since he knows it’s in a good cause.

See you when I get elected, LJB stalker.