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A minor result

Posted in Hysteria and lies, Quote of the week, UAF (Unite Against Fascism) on May 8, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

So finally, I get my first (almost) direct on line shout out from the UAF. The UAF sites (with the exception of Barnsley UAF) are a bunch of cowardly, hate filled, hysterical yet usually anonymous bloggers who have no life of their own and therefore spend all their time blogging not about politics or the party they support, but an undemocratic hate group known as UAF.

Anyway Lee John Barnes of the BNP has his own stalker blogger who is actually sad enough to shout me in the profile section: (I also declare this quote of the week):

Also, we’d like to hear from any BNP members living in Thailand with mixed race children in contravention of the BNP’s opposition to mixed-race relationships and the resultant offspring. So, do drop us an email on how you resolve such a dilemma and yet retain membership of the BNP. Many thanks.

Great! Well, LJB’s obsessive stalker, your question is a valid one but is also none of your business. However, I do have something I wish to say to you, Ketlan (who I actually thought was female) and all the other Fascists. It is something I could never say better than Kyle Bristow did to another leftie so allow me to quote precocious young Kyle:

I read your email about how you are disappointed with my alleged hatred and racism. I cannot adequately write to express how thrilled I am to hear this. It always is great to be told that I irk the left-wing scum of my country who yearn to destroy Western civilization.

If there is anything else I can do to cause pain and suffering for liberals, please let me know. My goal in life is to piss off liberals so much that steam starts coming out of their ears, their heads rotate a full 360 degrees around, they vomit pea soup, and their heads explode.


I trust Kyle doesn’t mind my copying, since he knows it’s in a good cause.

See you when I get elected, LJB stalker.


Quote of the week

Posted in Free speech, Quote of the week with tags , on May 3, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

“Like rats leaving a sinking ship”.

Richard Barnbrook, our new GLA member, as other politicians walk off stage when he enters.

“I promise every Londoner that walks, regardless of race, religion or creed, if you need someone to listen to you, I am here. All you have to do is accept the identity of this great city”.

Richard Barnbrook. A politician who tells the truth.

The BNP have arrived.

See the great speech here

Quote of the week

Posted in Quote of the week with tags on February 27, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

Stoke Sentinel (h/t Simon Darby)
 The concerns have already been exploited by BNP councillors in the city, who are distributing thousands of leaflets criticising the council’s handling of the [Super Mosque] issue.

As in, exploited by the democratically elected councillors?

Other quotes of interest come from the very respectable (though also disagreeable) Neil Harding and also from a comment on here concerning the concept of “race” and counties. The huge fundamental flaw in this argument is glaringly obvious. If we throw out the concept of “nation” because it has happened through evolution, then should we also throw the concepts of “science” “law” and “cash” into the abyss also? Should we go back to living in caves?

The consciousness of nationality and ethnicity is now prevalent in the vast majority of humans. This is only a bad thing if we choose to let it be so. As a well travelled person with foreign family, I find that nationalism can be a wonderful trait to be carried with pride (providing it is not used as propaganda or brainwashing). It’s a sad facet of Britain’s modern social and educational psyche that nationalism is both equated with racism and other feelings of shame.

If you ever want to see a fresh perspective on nationalism, ask Thais how they feel about their nation, speak to Brazilians about their football team or chat with Norwegians about their decision to eschew EU membership. You might find a whole new outlook on the concept of nationalism.

Quotes of the week

Posted in Hysteria and lies, Quote of the week with tags on January 26, 2008 by redandwhitestripes
The BNP consists of thugs, rapists and terrorists. There’s nothing valid (or coincidental) about that.

Someone called Adam Marks, giving a typical demonstration of the groundless libel that can appear on the internet.

Oxford Union debate would have been exactly when the BNP don’t kick off. When the cameras are rolling and when they are outnumbered.

Ben (“you idiots”) forgetting the UAF managed to commit acts of violence at Oxford Union while BNP members behaved impeccably under severe provocation. Read the full “debate” with Ben here.

Quote of the week

Posted in Quote of the week on January 20, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

“It’s no more undemocratic than a pub landlord asking a few rowdy guys to drink up and leave”

Some guy called Laurence Whiteside explaining his support for a certain group that lobbies against free speech for all. Laurence apparently forgot that forceful entry of a private debating club and blatant threats and intimidation of private guests is slightly different to a “pub landlord”

Quote of the week

Posted in Quote of the week with tags on January 11, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

Should it be OK to use violence to stop the British National Party (BNP)?

I have personally taken part in violence against the BNP in my Town, they should be banned and run out of our Towns and Cities. They should not be allowed to stand in elections.

From here.
One of the most common misconceptions of the BNP is that they use violence. This myth is often spread in a pernicious tone of: “They send thugs out at night”. In reality, the extreme left are far more prone to violence.
Violence is never an acceptable means of doing politics.