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Memorable quotes

Posted in Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 by redandwhitestripes

No reason for posting this except to share a few quotes I have found memorable. Feel free to share your own.

“An educated and literate electorate is far harder to govern”

Tony Benn

“Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others”


“F**k the G-rides, I want the machines that are making them”

Rage Against The Machine

“Keep people scared and they will consume”

Marilyn Manson

“The strongest man is he who stands alone”

Henrik Ibsen

“I don’t agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”


“Freedom of speech is an absolute. Either everybody has freedom of speech or nobody has meaningful freedom of speech”
Nick Griffin

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothin
Elbert Hubbard

‘It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”
Niccolo Machiavelli

“Gone are the days when the royals will farm on the backs of the people”
Pridi Banomyong (Thai politician)


Talk about yourself

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I’m curious to know what inspires people to a particular viewpoint or party, so I’d like to invite anyone to discuss how they came to the politics they hold.

Did your parents have the same views?

Have you changed your views over time?

Was there a particular event or issue that changed you?

For me, I was not interested in politics much until my twenties (my colleagues often assume I studied Politics for my Bachelor’s, but actually I studied Business Administration before realising I’m not really a businessman!). I voted Labour when Blair first took over because Labour seemed fashionable back then.

My parents were traditional Tory voters but I think my mum was an occasional Lib Dem defector and my I think dad has now lost faith with the Tories and switched to UKIP.

I began to take an interest in the BNP when I saw first hand the change in my home town and the behaviour of some ethnic groups. I don’t mean that in a wholly negative sense either, I noticed that some ethnic groups worked very hard and contributed massively to society. I always had a feeling that the media were not telling us the full story about immigration and its affects. In fact I had that hunch even before I took an interest in politics. Likewise, I always feel unsure about Islam though I had (and still have) Muslim friends. For a long time I resisted joining the BNP because I knew vaguely that there was a stigma attached to them. But over the course of about five years I became a more frequent visitor to the site and a sequence of events: the Mandela statue in London, 9/11, the London Bombings and my study of The Quran bought me to take the plunge.

But I realise what’s right for one person is not for everyone. My travels have shown me that a person’s upbringing can have a huge affect on the way they see the world, even when two people are viewing the same events, they can see things very differently. The political fighting in Thailand is a perfect example of that.

So out of curiosity, I’d like to invite anyone to talk about themselves. I’ll read the replies later, I’m off to play with my son and – after he goes to sleep – my xbox 360 :-)

About National Socialism and “BNP socialism”

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In this short piece I’ll be looking to answer a few questions:

1) What is National Socialism? Is it equivalent to being both Nationalist and Socialist?

2) Is National Socialism inherently evil? Is it unworkable?

3) Are there any modern parties that use or hold a National Socialist ideology?

I will use the terms “National Socialism” “Nazism” and “NS” interchangeably.

What is National Socialism? Is it equivalent to being both Nationalist and Socialist?

Wordweb defines National Socialism as:
“a form of Socialism featuring racism and expansionism”. A search on ‘google scholar’ reveals that almost every paper, every book and every encyclopaedia entry on National Socialism references to the Nazis.

The roots of NS almost entirely originate from Germany, mostly with the intellectual doctrines of late nineteenth century figures such as the composer Richard Wagner who encouraged the militant type Socialism of some European states and espoused what would now be considered a vile form of “master race” type psychology.

However the separate ideologies of “Nationalism” and “Socialism” existed a long time before such political evolution occurred. In any case, a cursory search of the internet should be enough to confirm that “National Socialism” is now epitomised by Nazism and vice versa.

So while “Nazism” is a portmanteau of “Nationalist Socialist” (in German), a study of political timelines shows us that NS should be considered an entirely separate and unique ideology in its own right. National Socialism is not simply a loose term for any party or ideology that happens to have elements of both Nationalism and Socialism. The later two ideologies can and do exist entirely as entirely different entities from NS.

So what is NS? National Socialism has several defining characteristics. It is dictatorial and therefore anti democratic. It is expansionist. It is anti-economic liberalism but also anti-Communist. It is militant and, of course, nationalistic.

This is a total contrast to the separate ideologies of Socialism and Nationalism. Socialism – in brief – believes in greater distribution of income and resources in a struggle to lower the class gaps in society. Nationalism – also in brief – seeks to place the role of the state or nation at the forefront of society in order to make people aware of their culture and identity. There are many separate forms of Nationalism including civic Nationalism and ethnic Nationalism.

It should therefore be apparent that NS is not at all equivalent to being “Nationalist” or “Socialist”. Modern Socialist parties in the UK would heavily oppose many of the aforementioned aspects of NS and crucially, they would go through the democratic channels, which is against a core concept of Nazism.

Is National Socialism inherently evil? Is it unworkable?

It should be equally apparent that while Nazism was an evil and unworkable ideology, it is certainly not evil to hold an ideology of Socialism, Nationalism, or an ideology that combines elements of both.

Are there any modern parties that use or hold a National Socialist ideology?

Apparently, yes. I have heard of fringe groups that follow Hitler or employ Nazi ideology. These fringe groups will never be anything more than a small bunch of misguided people. In the mainstream, there are no such parties. Whilst some people have accused the British National Party of being “Nazis” or “Fascists”, these are groundless, almost comical accusations. Certainly the BNP is a Nationalist party which contains elements of Socialism in its political manifesto but – as we have seen – like any other serious party the BNP has core values that are polar opposites of Nazism. The BNP is a party committed to the democratic process. It also supports a policy of non-intervention in foreign conflicts and affairs, which is a total contrast to the expansionist zeal of Nazism. Anyone who accuses the BNP of Nazism clearly has no understanding of history or politics.

Nazism is, essentially, a horrid ideology that is now firmly rooted in history and may it always stay there. It has no relevance to many of the modern, progressive parties in the UK that follow the democratic process and employ elements of both Nationalism and Socialism when needed.



Sources for definitions of Nazism:

Why the Swastika appeals by Nick Griffin

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This is an old Griffin article from the old BNP site. I strongly recommend a read for anyone who thinks we are Nazis, wants to be a Nazi or even just join the NF.

Leep it active!

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The Internet is a revolution, not just for general information and communication but also for small businesses of all varieties. Small companies, small bands and small political parties can now become popular overnight just by having a website. In times past, bigger businesses always had the upper hand because they could afford mass advertising. Now, anyone can access a mass market simply by kicking off a small campaign with a gig, rally or product launch with the appropriate web site address flashed around for all to see.

The BNP is no exception. Our growth has been surpassed only by the popularity of our web site which is, by far, the most popular political web site in the UK (see our ‘Alexa’ ranking on the bottom of our homepage) . And it has been matched by some impressive online activism in many shapes and forms from blogging to Facebook groups. But I just want to send a note of caution here – Internet activism alone is not enough.

I’s an easy trap to get in to because Internet support seems so easy. In the same way that people forward junk email to their friends warning about a virus that never existed and Facebook users send “lil green patch” to their buddies (does anyone really believe that sending rubbish to their friends on Facebook will help fight global warming?) , so it is easy for a BNP supporter to get online, type “vote BNP” and feel they have done their bit.

Internet activism is a very, very useful and important tool (especially for someone like me who lives overseas) but to make a real difference, it needs to be followed up by further action.

So, on behalf of all the admin, I’d like to ask every BNP supporter who has found our group here (and any supporter of any party who cares about democracy and making a small difference) to please, please, please try and take all of the following steps:

1) Join your party.

BNP followers can do so here or by getting in touch with me. Preferably get in touch with your local organiser, too.

2) Spread the word.

Not by spamming the forum of your favourite football team or on a Saturday night binge, but with the right people at the right time. In the case of the BNP, a good target group would be old school Labour voters who now feel betrayed. It’s important not to be too pushy as this can be counterproductive.

Some people still believe in the old stereotype of the BNP as a bunch of yobs, so it’s a good idea to make light conversation explaining the BNP is now  progressive party of decent, honest people from all walks of British life.

I suggest also making clear that people are not signing their life away. Be relaxed about it all, make them well aware it’s simply a case of “Come along to a meeting and see what you think” or  “Have a read of ‘Identity’ and get back to me if you want” , etc. Even in Thailand, I have managed to produce a couple of converts amongst my expat colleagues.

3) Read up.

Knowledge is power and for anyone interested in politics, I strongly recommend learning more about how the system works.

Why is learning important in activism? Simple, once you know how the system works, it’s easier to find ways to help. For example, my BNP colleague Chris was involved in volunteer work on the night of the GLA elections and was lucky enough to meet Richard Barnbrook on the night he got elected. It’s unlikely he would have done that if he had no knowledge of the election process.

For anyone looking to study the basics of the UK political system, I recommend “British Politics in Focus” by Roy Bentley . Don’t be put off by the hefty size and weight of the book, it’s aimed at A – Level students and as such it is detailed enough to give a firm grounding in the subject but simple enough that anyone can understand it.

So these are my three ideas that I would plead with any BNP supporter to follow up. If anyone has any more suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

Have a good weekend!

The truth corner

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Just something I typed our quickly for my Facebook group.

1) “All cultures are equal”

Also known as:
“Multiculturalism is a good thing” “All cultures are good” “We can learn something from all of the world’s cultures” etc.

Really? How can it be equal to believe that gays should be widely tolerated or publicly executed? How can it be equal to think cannibalism is a barbaric practise or acceptable?,9171,790434,00.html

How do we propose that these cultures coexist on the same shores, in some kind of Disney movie style harmony?

2) “The NHS would collapse without immigrants”

Right, because obviously we don’t have medically qualified replacements in any of our universities. Not Oxbridge or anywhere else.

What people really mean is that logistically, it would be a problem to replace all immigrant workers.

3) “Immigration reduces our taxes, replaces our aging workforce, covers the jobs natives are too lazy or unwilling to do”

i) Immigrants claim benefits out of proportion to their numbers.

ii) Immigrant workers get old too.

iii) Who did the jobs people didn’t like before mass immigration started? The locals.

4) “The BNP are a party of thugs, hooligans, muggers, kill joys, tooth fairy killers” etc.

The membership of the BNP stands at over six thousand: (page 13)

Of that number, about ten members have been found guilty if a violent crime. How can anyone use such a tiny, tiny fraction of a group and smear the rest with it?

5) “The BNP has extremist policies like saying everyone should undertake military service and then keep a gun at home.”

Yes, how very extreme. I bet only savage, war torn countries have ideas like that:

6)”The BNP support the idea of woman beating and rape”

One single person who happened to be a party member made some comments on his blog. As a result of this, the person has left the party. If only all parties dealt with things so efficiently!

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There are two things you an be sure of when considering certain far left groups.

1) They will be – let me try to be nice here – “less than attractive”.

Look at Ketlan for example.

2) They will bend the truth.

So if you hear that the UAF are not racist, consider that they split with Searchlight for – amongst other reasons – the fact that they demanded a black leader! As I’ve always said, the hypocrisy almost beggars belief.