Six characteristics of the far left

In my dealings, studies and conversations (when they can be persuaded to talk coherently) with members of the far left political movements, there are six characteristics that I find to be repeatedly present in these people.

Such traits are evident in even a cursory glance at the sites listed on the main blog. Have a check and see for yourself.

The characteristics are:

1) Low cognitive complexity.

I find most members of the far left are extremely quick to slap degrading labels from a limited list on anyone who disagrees with them. “Racist” tends to be a slur thrown at anyone with concerns on immigration. “Nazi” is a charming term used for anybody past the middle of the right and their forums label any dissenters as

Such tags seem to help them feel secure. By slapping hysterical epithets on anyone who challenges their views, the far left avoid debate and keep their own feeling of security intact.

2) Strong pro-censorship views

Campaigns for censorship or removal of opposition groups is a regular occurrence. Many left extremists will gladly advocate their “no platform” policy. They argue that some views are “too extreme” to deserve free speech. The irony that they are the ones acting as both judge and executioner seems lost on them.

3) Avoidance of debate

From webmasters to bloggers to activist leaders. There seems no room for discussion however sensible and neutral it may seem. When challenged to a debate, the left will resort to one of the two aforementioned tactics. Explanation or sensible challenge to their policies is unwelcome. This should be evident from the censored comments featured in my blog.

4) Lack of genuine political activity

You will note that most of the activist groups are only activists, they rarely engage in electoral politics or attempt to make a lasting change. I liken this to someone who frequently criticises the views of another in a debate, but never offers views of his or her own. The groups on the far left that are registered as a party receive very few votes.

5) Refusal to “play fair” and a tendency to violence

This trait is, of course, prevalent in all politics but it is most obvious in this sector. The left will engage in intimidation and subsequent physical intervention if the intimidation fails. For one example, look at the “Oxford Union debate” saga. After repeated lobbying failed, the left responded to Oxford Union’s democratic decision to invite two controversial speakers by physically forcing their way into the Union and heckling and blocking invited students who wanted to get in.

6) Hysteria and mass propaganda

The groups featured in this site will resort to any twisting of reality and mass propaganda that they believe furthers their cause. A popular tactic is to find a particularly unpleasant or worrying story (or exaggerate one) and find any way possible to connect it to the group they wish to damage.

For example, the site ‘Lancaster UAF’ retold a story of a woman in France committing suicide by immolation. The site then reprinted a few foolish comments from Nazi site “Stormfront” and presented the comments as being from BNP supporters. The only justification or evidence for this was the lie: “Stormfront is popular with BNP supporters”. The rest of the article was hysterical vituperation of the BNP, designed to make the reader forget how false the connection between the two events was.

Should I find these characteristics to change or further traits to emerge, I will change this page. For now, don’t take my word for it. Examine the evidence and decide for yourselves.


5 Responses to “Six characteristics of the far left”

  1. Cursed Wolf Says:

    Good work fella, keep it up.

  2. great page, thank you for exposing the hypocrites who usually drift away once they hit puberty, enter the hard real world and have to find a job!.

  3. Great site, much needed material. Just tell some real Lefties that Hitler was a creature of the Left and listen to them shriek.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe thinks
    the Right is always wrong

    and the Left is always right
    and facts don’t matter at all
    . .

  4. Desmond Aldridge Says:

    This actually seems more like a description of the BNP in some parts rather than the far left. I’m guessing the OP supports the BNP?

  5. I’m Far Left with a ‘nationalist deviation’ which causes some to label me Far Right. In any case, what you have as characteristics of the ‘far left’ seem more like run of the mill ‘American conservatives’. My Far Left grouplet even entered the Army. Thus I’m a Vietnam veteran, former tunnel rat and draw a pension to boot. And I debate!

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