Why this site?

The web tends to be full of attacks on right wing groups and social crusades by the far left. For some reason, the reverse behaviour seems less prevalent (perhaps because of the reasons mentioned here).

This site is my contribution to settle the balance. I have seen a huge amount of distortion, hysteria and outright lies perpetrated by some groups and they should not go unchallenged.

Comments on this site have also shown me that I may have represented myself slightly. I have many friends who support, Labour, Greens or other left wing groups. Indeed, I probably have more left wing friends than right wingers. I also hold some views of my own that may be considered “left wing”.

When I speak of “hypocrisy and hysteria”, I am referring to some members of groups such as UAF who purposely engage in deceit, intimidation and violence. There are some members of far left groups who are young and have been mislead into believing far left activism is the way to fight for a worthy cause. Others are simply unaware of the full workings of these groups. I do not dislike those people, I consider them to be mistaken.

Far Left Watch is not a blog of anger or hate. It is a blog that aims to provide an honest assessment of certain groups and to provide a platform for the currently unpopular nationalist viewpoint. Criticism and comments from all are welcome.


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